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Darkness Before Dawn. -- (Formerly The Impending Conflict) A free book that covers the end of the world. Emphasis on later day events and prophecy. Some things that are forecast in this book have already proven true! Written at the last turn of the century this book accurately predicted the rise of America as being the only world superpower! Read this book and see what happens next! Make sure to order to see how God, Christ and the Holy Spirit deals with the earth in these last days. See how the Bible is 100% accurate in prophecy. This book puts Nostradamas to shame.

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"The whole earth appears like a desolate wilderness. The ruins of cities and villages destroyed by the earthquake, uprooted trees, ragged rocks thrown out by the sea or torn out of the earth itself, are scattered over its surface, while vast caverns mark the spot where mountains have been rent from their foundations..."

"In this life we can only begin to understand the wonderful theme of redemption. With our finite comprehension we may consider most earnestly the shame and the glory, the life and the death, the justice and the mercy, that meet in the cross; yet with the utmost stretch of our mental powers we fail to grasp its full significance."

Some Subjects In This Free Book Includes:

The Impending Conflict.
Can Our Dead Speak To Us?
The First Great Deception.
The Time of Trouble.
The Controversy Ended.

Another Free Book That Is Available:

Steps To Christ: (Also called Happiness Digest) Follow this fascinating Biblical description of the plan of salvation. This timeless book has been read by millions since the turn of the century and is a must read for anybody wondering about how God's love can be explained in this world so full of imperfection.

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Darkness Before Dawn
Steps To Christ

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